Is the school associated with a particular church or denomination?

The school is founded and owned by Ms. Sabrina Miller, local Skiatook business woman. The founder, administration, school board, and support staff provide spiritual oversight and help ensure the school’s faithfulness to Christian doctrine. The school is inter-denominational, and we are proud to say our staff and students represent various area churches.

When is the best time to visit the school?
Prospective families are always welcome to visit Hope Christian Academy. If you are interested in receiving information and taking a tour, please contact the HCA office at 918.396.4000.

Could I arrange a day for my child(ren) to experience the school?
Yes, we encourage you to call the school office after you have toured the school. At this point, you will be asked to pick a day for your child to sample our learning environment with their potential classmates. We call this “shadowing” and you may opt for just a few hours or an entire day. Our teachers will assign a student mentor to help your child feel at home.

Does HCA do any standardized testing?
Yes, in order to provide feedback and accountability to families and faculty, HCA does participate in spring standardized testing. We administer the Terra Nova, Third Edition to students starting with Kindergarten.

Does HCA provide transportation?
No, each parent is responsible for transporting their students to and from school.

What is your teacher to student ratio?
Hope Christian Academy strives to maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:15 in the elementary and middle school.

Is H.C.A. accredited?
HCA is in the process of seeking accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International (A.C.S.I.) which is recognized by the six regional accrediting agencies, as well as the U.S. Department of Education.

What grades are offered at HCA?
Hope Christian Academy offers classes for students PK2 through High School.