Why Choose Hope?

1. Hope Partners with You
God’s command is that parents take full responsibility to ensure their children are trained properly. It is essential that the school and the parent work in close harmony in their spiritual and educational philosophies, as the child will spend many hours a day in the school environment. Hope follows the biblical principles of Deuteronomy 6-12 in helping our parents educate their children.

2. Hope Provides Discipleship
Hope Christian Academy desires to partner with parents in teaching their children how to live as a light in a dark world. Hope teaches its students to fully embrace the Bible as God’s Word and apply it to their daily walk, ultimately knowing that the answer to every situation can be found in God and His Word.

3. Hope Teaches About Jesus
Hope seeks to foster an educational experience that presents Jesus Christ at the center of all we do. We seek to relate every fact and principle to His truth and His character in such a way that we promote the development of academic knowledge, physical skills, spiritual maturity, and social growth in each student.

4. Hope Teaches About the Bible
Hope acknowledges that there can be no true education apart from the Bible and recognizes that the Bible is the foundation for all truth. God must be acknowledged as the source for all wisdom, and all true knowledge will point to Him. A school that is Christian at its very core will not only be excellent in its attention to a quality education, but will keep God’s Word at the center of all it teaches.