Owasso Christian School : Don’t Miss Out

This content is written for Hope Christian Academy.

Before three teacher is Laurie. Laurie has a gray sweater on. Laurie has brown wavy hair. She has a pattern shirt. The color in her shirt is black. Yellow is also another color and her shirt. The fifth grade teacher it’s Cotton. Courtney is wearing a purple button-down shirt. He has short brown hair for Owasso Christian School. Do you language arts teacher is Cindy. Cindy has a tan jacket on. She is wearing her hair straight. Her hair is brown. History and science is taught by Diana. Diana has a really pretty pink sweater on. I’m sure it’s pink shirt. She has short brown wavy hair. She teaches at Hope Christian Academy by Sabrina Miller. The office can be called at 918-396-4000. The science class is taught by Stephanie. He has a button down shirt on. He also has a suit jacket on. His shirt is blue and yellow. There isalso white and his shirt. English is taught by Jessica. Jessica has the jacket of the Owasso Christian School on. Her hair is one up. History and Spanish is not very Michelle. Michelle is wearing a hat. Michelle has short wavy hair. She is wearing a black and white striped shirt. Her sweater is white. Math is taught by Courtney. Courtney has brown wavy hair. her shirt is polkadot. Her shirt also has a blue sweater on it. Belinda teach is art. Art is taught by Belinda. She is wearing a blue shirt. Her jacket is spotted. He is taught by Jeremy. He has a mustache. The sides of his head or shape. His glasses are from Owasso Christian School. He is wearing a lanyard. He also has a white shirt on. Lastly, the doctor of individual instruction is Krista. She is wearing a blue sweater. She has on a scarf. She has long brown hair. She is wearing glasses. All of these photos are taken on a brick background. There are only four different photos that are not taken on the background. They all are smiling and each photo. You can contact each of these teachers from the website. It will show you what you need to know in order to get in contact with them. When you click on the contact it will take you to a
new message. This message is an email message. You can send an email to any of these teachers. Another thing you could find on the website is employment. When you click on the employment page it will take you to another page. There is a unities. The application must be sent to the Academy. You have to attention the administration. You have to send it to the physical location. The applications are on the website. There are many different things you need in order to be considered for employment. You must have your transcripts. You must have your teaching certificate. You must have a reference page when you send in your application. In application must be on file. When a file is complete, they will be contacted for an interview. You must have a background check. You can download the application from the links. The links are belowthe paragraph. Next you can go to division for the Hope Christian Academy by Sabrina Miller. The office has a phone number of 918-396-4000.
Owasso Christian School: The Fun Begins. This content is written for Hope Christian Academy. The vision is very important for school. When you open the vision link, it will send you to another page. This page has a photo of a teacher. This page actually is the photo of the owner. There is a girl in the background at Owasso Christian School. She is wearing a orange polo. The owner is wearing a blue jacket. There’s another girl with brown hair. She has a gray shirt on. There are four different kids in this photo. It is zoomed in on the owner, Sabrina Miller at Hope Christian Academy. The phone number is 918-396-4000. In the background is blurry. The vision statement is from the owner. It is the purpose of the cannery. Do you want to produce students that are spirit minded. They want their kids to be a positive influence. They see aschool that has a biblically-based curriculum. They want the staff to be leaders. They want to faculty to be leaders. They want their school to be clean at Owasso Christian School. Do you want there’s got to be loving. it is important for their environment to be nurturing. It is important for their environment to be loving. They have a mission statement. The mission statement is to partner with parents. They want to help parents provide discipleship and Christ centered students. It is very important to them. They want this to be done academically. They have four pillars. The first pillar is to commit to Christ’s authority. This is based off of cautions. They want God to be the authority for Owasso Christian School in every student life. They partner with both the children and parents. They want the parents to raise their children to seek Christ. The second pillar is the commitment to a quality education. This is based off of Proverbs. In this economy it is committed to maintaining a quality education. It is very important that their education has a lot of quality. There are many different components that contribute to a quality education. One component is to be dedicated. They want licensed teachers. It is very important for them to have a small class size. They want age
appropriate curriculum. They also want time-tested curriculum. They will nurture your child’s learning. This learning experience is very important for your child. The third pillar is a commitment to the whole person education. They want their children to be educated as a whole person. Different components make up the whole person. One component is the spiritual aspect. They want their young people to be socially educated. They want them to be intellectually educated. Is very Porten for them to be physically educator. They want to train students to live by faith. They want to train students to impact their culture. The fourth. Pillar is commitment to the great commission. Do you want to instill a worldviewWhat is biblical. Do you want to do this into their students. Do you want to prepare their students for the great commission. They want them to take the message of Christ to the ends of the earth. This is based off of Matthew at Hope Christian Academy by Sabrina Miller. The office can be contacted at 918-396-4000.