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This content is written for Hope Christian Academy.

You can take 10% off each additional child. These children must be attending full-time. full-time is five days a week. There are restrictions on the discount. Discounts cannot be combined. It may be used for full payment at Owasso Christian School. It may be used for semester payment. It may be used for multi child. But you cannot combine. There is also an option for extended care. The extended care is before school. The extended care is after school at Hope Christian Academy. Call Sabrina Miller at 918-396-4000. You can drop your children off at 7:30 AM. If you drop your children off at 7:30 AM, there is no additional charge. The after school care is charged. They are for afterschool care until 5:30 PM. The care will be billed hourly rate. The hourly rate is five dollars an hour. If you pick your children up 15 minutes late at Owasso Christian School there will be a $10 charge. There is a $10 charge for every 15 minutes that you were late. This is if you are after 5:30 PM. They will be billed the following month. And they will be automatically paid through your smart account. All payments must be paid through a smart tuition account. The payments are made on the 10th of each month. these payments are auto drafted from a checking or savings account. The Owasso Christian School fees can change. There are no refunds. The only time you will get a refund, is if the classes are full. If you were children do not meet the entrance standards, he will get a refund. You have to refer to the student him back for the official refund procedure. There is a lot of information on the website. You can also click a tab called frequently asked questions. The first question is if the school is associated with the church. The school is interdenominational. There is not one church that you must attend. The staff and students represent various churches. Other questions are the best time to visit the school.You can call the office. If you want more information call the office. If you want to take a tour call the office. Families are always welcome to
get more information. There is not one best time. you are allowed to have your children shadow in school. You can let your kids experience with the school is like. You can have them see the school for a day. Another question is about standardized testing. There is standardized testing. They want to provide feedback for families. They want to provide accountability for families. They want to provide feedback for faculty. They also want to do the same for accountability. Did you participate in spring testing. They administer the Tera Nova. It is the third addition. It starts with kindergarten. They also have a teacher to student ratio. The ratio is 1:15. Call them at 918-396-4000 for information about Hope Christian Academy. This academy is founded by Sabrina Miller.
Owasso Christian School : Academics For Your Kids. This content is written for Hope Christian Academy. This website is very informative. If you want your kids to go to a fantastic Academy, bring them here. This economy is a Christian school. It is located near the Owasso area. It has a skiatook address. Come visit the Owasso Christian School. The owner, Sabrina Miller, is very passionate about bringing her students into discipleship. Call Hope Christian Academy at 918-396-4000. There are sports. One of the events involve track. This high school track meet will meet is going to be on March 28. Those are all the events that are for March. In April there are five events going on. The first event is the high school play. This high school play will be held on April 7. The week after that, good Friday is happening. Good Friday means no school at this Owasso Christian School. There will not be at school from April 14 all the way to April 17. Your kids will have Friday off. Your kids will have Monday off. then the week after the 17th, there will be testing. This will be a whole entire week of testing. This testing will take place April 24th until April 28. Next, we will find the month of May. In May 2017 there are three different events. The only events are on the last week of school. The first event is kindergarten graduation. This graduation will be held on May 23. On May 24, the awards assembly will be held. There will also be a talent show on this day. Both of these events will happen on the same day. This day will be May 24. The next day is May 25. May 25 is the last day of school. Your kids will be very excited to be out of school.The last day will also be a field day here at Owasso Christian School. This field day is called crusader field day. This will happen on May 25. Event for June will only be Father’s Day. Father’s Day is on June 18. There are not many events after that day. They will have more scheduled when it gets closer to the next year. Another section you can find on their homepage is sports. Sports will take you to another page. This page will show girls playing volleyball.
The girls playing volleyball are wearing purple. They are wearing kneepads. They’re wearing purple shorts. They’re wearing purple Tops. This economy offers an amazing athletic program. They combine God gifted students with the support of athletics. Their athletic program is a great opportunity. It will help your child develop their abilities. These abilities are given to them by God. And the sports page they have the whole entire schedule. I November 10 the junior high girls will be playing basketball. They will be playing basketball at 5:30. The junior varsity boys will be playing basketball at 6:30. they will be playing basketball against Mingo Valley. This basketball will be held at Hope Christian Academy. Contact the owner at 918-396-4000.