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You or someone you know is looking to find the best Christian school lawsuit has offer actually come to us today would love to talk to them about their options join our team here at Hope Christian Academy we would enjoy their company would enjoy talking about, and help them grow in their Christian faith and disciple their loved ones into growing we believe in our students very much with 122 students of different faith from our 35 different churches.

We have 24% since it is sick so much in 42 secondary students and we will help the prepare for life and the best way possible. Our sweet entrée them up hours ago seven. Their old they want apart from it. We with 9 acre campus and the Immanuel Baptist Church in no way a incredible preschool, elementary, middle and high school buildings. This was a full gym, so join our team that I would love to have you be a part of overdoing care and you can check out our calendar see what were doing to were up to CR your child can grow for incredible team here we are a committed to making the necessary components of a quality education while giving your child, biblical world through the help them grow the way that they need to grow, and if you know someone who is looking. If you e would love to have you join our team, so that his incredible program with our sports programs or files, programs.

We hope that you choose our Christian education because we will put you first and care for you and your child’s needs, we will partner with you and growing a child who is a disciple is really growing the way they should grow if we believe that he trailed child, and the weather should go that even when their old they will depart from it. What problems point to success, and we believe that very firmly, so join our crew today. Here, Owasso Christian Academy we will help you with your needs, so we’re very passionate about making sure that each and every one of our children thing terribly hundred and 22 students in our school offer preschool, elementary, middle school and high school we post an incredible staff is to help your child learn other things they learned Christian education, environment, Ross why we are the best place to find Christian school Owasso, because we of incredible teams help you grow today with our staff.

We are second to none. Our customer service is actually the best we want to grow the students of injury one of our teachers care very much doubt all the students would have, we offer an incredible student life. Our sports programs are incredible, finance are awesome. I would preschool, elementary and secondary programs. We will make sure that each child is committed to Christ’s authority we are committed here to quality education and committed with encouraging the great commission to encourage the great commission.

We want to help spread the good news. Everywhere the world us were passionate about how we also help people find the best Christian school Owasso has to offer consumer you, we believe we honestly believe we can provide for each other when people comes to us today.

If you know someone who liked to find the best Christian school Owasso has to offer actually come to us today. I hope Christian Academy will teach them a lot of different skills. They will benefit from knowing we have incredible team here and committed to make sure each of your children grow. So way they should and as taking care of in the waiting to be taken care of, we have four pillars here. We are committed to a crisis authority are committed to quality education.

We are committed to the whole person, education, so make sure their children are a well-rounded, spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically out a train children to grow up in the way they should be brought up, we want an impact their culture, salt and life and we want to have a commitment to the great commission making sure that each and every children. However, children is able to have a biblical worldview and fulfill the great commission by taking Christ’s message to the ends of the earth store passion about to argue for each airline kids that comes through our doors will positively influence those come to our door for Christ’s mission, and that we envision a school with biblically-based curriculum where it’s clean, nobody and nurturing and other children are taken care of.

I will part of parents provide a total sugar, Christ centered, Bible-based education that equips students academically and spiritually for God’s glory. So come to us today. Hope Christian Academy over the best place to find the best Christian school Owasso has to offer so incredible school. Hope Christian Academy, legumes call and talk to us about joining our team here today. We have also different things offer for sports teams or finance program. Our preschool, elementary and secondary programs are incredible.

We will hundred and 22 students in our school currently 42 of which are secondary school program physics of which earned elementary and 24 of those students are in preschool so we want to take care of all the students no matter what they are, what their stage of their life there and not her beautiful 9 acre campus sits on a manual Baptist Church, and we have preschool, elementary, middle school and high school buildings, as well as a full gym so we want to matter what your child’s gifts as well.

You can spiritually, emotionally, socially will actually or physically. I will provide what they need to become the best they They can reach out to the world around them today. Look at our calendars who were going to play out through are planning on doing so you are going to do it heartily do it when related to the fire’s programs are sports and why you should choose a Christian education at Hope through are so nasty with the way that our student to adult ratio is set up. We’ve incredible ratio of student to faculty ask to help your child grow in the whether they should grow today, so with her missions. We have a lot of when you are applying. Call us. You can create enough cash online. I can do your missions, online contractor so they would love to visit our buildings and talk to us about joining our team. We will help you find the best Christian school Owasso has offer. We are very passionate about that.