Christian School In Owasso : Your Kid’s Future

This content is written for Hope Christian Academy.

Where do your kids go to school? Do they go somewhere that is a positive influence? Should I go somewhere that they can connect with Christian children. Have you been looking around at schools and trying to figure out the right one for your child? Is your child getting old enough to go to school? If they are getting old enough, you want to find the best Christian School in Owasso. As a parent, if you want the best for your children. The best place you can go out is Hope Christian Academy by Sabrina Miller. They can be contacted at 918-396-4000. The school has the belief of them or person. The whole person is very committed to educating every area of your child. They want to educate young people spiritually. Do you want to educate young people intellectually. They want to educate people socially. They want to educate people emotionally. They want to educate people physically at this Christian School in Owasso. This comes from the Bible verse first Thessalonians and 5:23. They have a great commission at this Christian School in Owasso. The goal is to instill a biblical worldview. They want to do this inside students. They want to prepare their students to for fill the great commission. This is all based on scripture. The next important thing on their website, is vision statement. They have an amazing vision statement. Their purpose is to produce spiritually minded kids. They want their kids to influence those around them in a positive way.I love their statements are based on scripture. If you go down on the website you will find three different areas. The first area is history. The second area is students. The third area is discipleship. The history of the canned me was that it was founded in 2011. The person that found it this academy is passionate about seeing your kids succeed. She wants them to see their potential. You want your child to go here. They will be influenced in a positive way. They will have fun. They will meet new kids. These kids will be the same age as they are. They will want to go to school. This economy offers classes that go from high school all
the way down to preschool. There are about 122 students in this economy. It is a 9 acre campus. It is inside the Emmanuel Baptist Church. It has a elementary school. It has middle school. There’s high school. It also has a full gym. The students are very caring. The students are very supportive. They have faith. The students are all from 35 different churches. It consists of 24 preschool students. There are 42 secondary students. There are 56 elementary students. The third section is discipleship. They want to train up a child in the way they should go. This is based off of Proverbs here at Hope Christian Academy. Call them at 918-396-4000 and meet the owner Sabrina Miller.
Christian School in Owasso: The Events. This content is written for Hope Christian Academy. This academy is based on several scriptures. There is also scripture in Luke. Luke says that the disciple is not about their teacher. It also says that when their students are fully trained, they will be like their teacher. On the homepage of the website you can find a calendar. There’s a calendar for the year 2016 through 2017 at this Christian School in Owasso. When you click on the calendar, it takes you to another page within Hope Christian Academy, owned by Sabrina Miller. They have a 918-396-4000 phone number.This page will bring you to the current month. In March there are several events. The first event in March is a read-athon. They also have a middle school track meet. This track meet is against Holland Hall. The third day out of the month, there will be a TCC history fair. On their website you can find a link for the calendar. The calendar is for the 2016 and 2017 year. It will bring you to another page for this Christian School in Owasso.This page is the current month. The current month right now is in March. The first event in March will be a track meet. We will be held at Holland Hall. The middle school be participating in the track meet. There’s also a read-a-thon on this day. there will be a read-a-thon on Friday as well. This redefine last for one week. The day before spring break continues, spring pictures will be held. You want your kids to look cute for spring. Don’t put them in for color close. Put them in springcolored clothes. There will be a read-a-thon on Friday as well. This read-a-thon lasts for one week at Christian School in Owasso. The day before spring break continues, spring pictures will be held. You want your kids to like you for spring. Don’t put them in fall color clothes. Put
them in spring color clothes. Sprinkled clothes are right. Spring break will last till March 19. Spring break starts on March 11. There will be a whole week your kids will be out of school. When your kids are out of school, be active with them. Being active with them on spring break will be healthy. A healthy child will be active. Don’t have them on electronics. Let them play outside. The next Event after spring break is the science fair. This science fair is for fourth and sixth grade. There will be a high school formal dinner held on March 24. The last event of the month is a high school track meet. This high school track meet will meet is for the high school. This will be on March 28. Those are all the events that are for March. in April there are five events going on. You will not want to miss the events. The first event is the high school play. Come see the play at Hope Christian Academy. Sabrina Miller would love to hear from you at 918-396-4000.