Christian School in Owasso | Raising Kids Up

If you’re looking for the best Christian school in Owasso to make sure you come to us today. I would love to have you join our team here. We’ve incredible team here dedicated to each and everyone’s children that come through our jewelry are very passionate about making sure the children that we are charged with caring for taken care of and raised in the way that they should go set when they’re old they do not depart from it.

We’ve 122 students of like faith from 35 different churches and it with 24 students in preschool 56 elementary and 42 in secondary we sit on a beautiful 9 acre campus of Immanuel Baptist Church and we have a preschool, elementary, middle and high school buildings for all those things, and a full gym as well.

Come to us today will help you with your child’s needs one help grow them. We are very passionate about that is an incredible vision for each and every one of our students and I will make sure that they are turning care of in the best way possible. The videos we have of students talking about how they been helped by coming here. Hope Christian Academy. We want to guide and instill Christian values and each and every one of our students. We have four pillars would Weaver to help doing that from a commitment to Christ authority going to quality education come to person, education, I went to the great commission our very committed to those four pillars, and we believe that if we do those things for things while your child grow up to be a well rounded Christian individual.

We have an incredible team here wants to grow you today. How were committed to maintaining necessary components for quality education and cry space education to help them in the real world. Because rulers very tough in the stark and other have to know things about themselves and about their people teach hope you are incredible student my for sports are preschool, preschool, elementary and secondary school.

Create an online petition today for your child or loved to look over and see if you and your child a good fit for our school we care very much about making sure that our students are taking care of that they are in the best situation possible. We are committed to lifting of the absolute authority of God and his word. So when you come to us today. Push Chris authority bring your child a biblical worldview are committed to maintain a certain parts of a Christian education and were provide the best Christian school in Owasso. So come to us today were excited about having you join our team and having you join our families here at best Christian school in Owasso if you know someone who would like to join our team here. Please, somebody is call and the beloved disciple them, and disciple their children as they come through our incredible program to join us today. We would you will not regret joining our family here at Hope Christian Academy.

If you were to find absolute best Christian school in Owasso after us today. Hope Christian Academy you were knocking a grip partnered with hlistory of the best Christian school in a lawsuit learn help you with your child’s education today we hunt different programs for our sports programs or files, programs, they are incredible, or help your child grow whatever they been dissident whether it’s music, or athletics under the matter what help each.

Let your child grown, lost, and the person they’re supposed to be. I we want to help them and they guide them along the path to their growing wish grow. Proverbs 22 sixes train up a child with a should go in, even when their old them not depart from it. Some are very passionate about what we really care about each other was children making sure that they are king care of our disciples are teachers are incredibly committed to each and every one of our students will make sure that the students are taken care of and are treated right, and untreated the best way possible.

They come to us here at hope Christian Academy we care about each and every one of our students with very, very much. We have 122 students representing 35 churches in the area and were located in manual Baptist Church we include a preschool much for middle and high school. We also have a full gym, so joyous today. Here are Niagara campus and that we represent over 35 churches with 24 preschool since it is a solitary 42 secondary students and we really want to grow our school with incredible students who want to increase surface today are committed to maintaining the necessary components quality education while instilling a biblical worldview for the students that we have. If you’re looking best Christian school in Owasso come to us today and will help you make sure your children see the education that they need and that they deserve when comes our Christian education believe in what we’re doing here we have an incredible team here of parents and faculty who want to partner to grow with each and every one of our students and elements. Thus, what’s makes us the greatest Christian school in a while Sue we are an incredible faculty and employees team, however excited about helping each and every one of people we want to choose Hope Academy today because of verse are beautiful flash programmer sport, see our student life and we want to grow our school with quality students who are care about their education and care about making sure that they are living life there supposed to

Come to us today, and I would love to talk about each and everyone of the options that should has what comes to their subject needs are students needs and artistry are calendars talk full things are great that a funeral of Syria mouse make sure you come back and look only held offer given incredible team here is really dedicated to ensure the insurer students grows and so makes us so greatest Christian school in Owasso and so makes us an incredible team really cares about each and every one of our students make sure you join our team to reload how you become part of our team.

And trust us with your child’s education you will not regret becoming part of Owasso Friday sure hope Christian Academy so incredible program were to help your child grow in the way they should grow up.